Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art Submissions

These are postcards, but because we're trying to publish fiction here, there isn't much room for art.

Still, we could use some art. What we're mainly interested in are hellish doodles of line art. By doodles, we mean something you scratch on the back of a napkin while knocking back a row of martinis at Kelsey's. Simple, weird, nightmarish, grotesque - these are our tastes.

Or if you prefer, photographs are good as long as they're weird, nightmarish, grotesque and postcard-y. Like this:

We need thirteen pieces for Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen. Send no more than 3 pieces, in jpg format only, 72 dpi. Keep in mind that like all good Zoroastrians, we only publish in black and white, so if your work depends on color for its impact, it's not likely to be accepted.
Ok, so you're all like, yeah dude, but what do you really want? The answer is, we'll tell you when we know. And we'll know as story slots are filled. Whenever you see an announcement of a story being accepted, check it out because it will also include an art order. So if we announce we've accepted Damon Pumpkinhead's story "Night Slithers" and we could use a doodle of a snake hanging out of a tailpipe, and you send us a doodle of a snake hanging out of a tailpipe, then wa-hay! we just might pay you for it.

Send your doodles and photos to editor[dot]fromhell[at]gmail[dot]com. Subject Line - "Art Submission."

If your piece is accepted, you will be paid $5. That's all the money we could shake out of the Old Man. He's hated artists ever since Michelangelo made such a mess of the Sistine Chapel.

I am Minion. I have spoken.

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