Monday, December 12, 2011

The First Thirteen

Here they are!!

"Herbert" by Dean Cochrane (art by Aidan Leckie-Harre)
"R.D.J." by Sherry Decker (art by Sherry Decker)
"Ten" by K. Eason (art by M.K. Hobson)
"The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari" by Andrew Ferguson (art by Morag Edward)
"Wilted Lily" by Henry Gee (art by Tina Connolly)
"Footprints" by Ann Leckie (art by RJ Sevin)
"One Thumb Up" by Nick Mamatas (art by Mary Madewell)
"One Step at a Time" by Billy O'Callaghan (art by RJ Sevin)
"Satan's Typist" by Hannu Rajaniemi (art by Morag Edward)
"Fitness is Its Own Reward" by John Platt (art by Julia Sevin)
"Dyscrasia" by Gord Sellar (art by Tina Connolly)
"Dickey Size It" by RJ Sevin (art by RJ Sevin)
"Zombies Versus Dinosaurs" by David Snyder

plus a special collector's edition double postcard for "Dark Wine" by Paul Lewthwaite (art by Morag Edward).

These 13 14 stories present a wide range of horror, from the truly horrible to the downright silly and everything in between. There's killers and monsters, angels and devils, zombies and dinosaurs, all manner of weirdness and even a few rather scary children.

A big welcome to the eternal flames to our final*** two authors:

Dean Cochrane lives with the love of his life within shouting distance (if you have a loud voice) of Vancouver, BC, where they read, write, work day jobs, and care for a disorganized tumble of children and pets, all with mixed success. Cochrane maintains that he is not a horror writer (it's too late now - ed). He once sold a story to Subterranean Magazine, which has only encouraged him.

Billy O'Callaghan considers himself damaged Irish goods and likes to wrestle with demons. He also loves to tell lies. Products of his uncertain mind have made their way in the world, or are about to, by way of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Bellevue Literary Review, Great Mystery & Suspense, Lunch Hour Stories, Southword, Versal, and others. Stories like "One Step At A Time" hopefully only hint at the dangers to come.

Thanks to all our authors, and to everyone who sent stories to the Lake of Fire. The quality of your submissions exceeded my expectations and I had to turn down a lot of perfectly evil stories.

Please see the Art Order for our current needs.

* My mailbox is empty. If you sent me a story and I never responded, I either never received it or you never received my response.

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