Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And then there were 10

I'm pleased to welcome two new residents to the black pit of despair.

Sherry Decker introduces us to an upstairs neighbor in "R.D.J". Sherry won First Place in the North Texas Professional Writers Assn. fiction contest, Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future, Finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference fiction contest, and is the author of “Hook House & Other Horrors” (Silver Lake Pub.) her first collection. Her short stories have been published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Black Gate, City Slab, Dark Wisdom, Black October and Space & Time. Like almost everyone else, she is writing a novel.

Nick Mamatas takes us for a ride in "One Thumb Up." Nick is the author of the novel of neighborhood nuclear proliferation for children, Under My Roof, which the San Diego Union-Tribune recently declared a contender for the title of "the great American suburban novel." His early work includes the Lovecraftian Beat road novel Move Under Ground, which was nominated for both the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild awards, and was recently made available online under a Creative Commons license at http://www.moveunderground.org/ . He lives near, but not in, Boston MA and has an underdeveloped website at www.mamatas.com.

That leaves 10 slots on the menu. The pitiless iron doors of hell still yawn wide.

Art Order:

A bag of body parts. Duffel bag, grocery bag - you decide.
A popcorn tub from hell.

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