Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feed the Hunger

I told you the other day what I'm seeing too much of - serial killers. This includes thrill killers and angry strangers, and any murder that happens for no other reason than murder's, like, really scary, Scoob. And cannibalism - seeing lots of cannibalism, a trend I blame on the Food Network.

What I'm not getting are what I expected I'd get too much of. I'm not getting ghost stories, vampire stories, werewolf stories - all the traditional and untraditional beasties and boogums. I've gotten a couple of zombie stories, but they're rather straightforward.

I'm not getting any space/sci-fi horror. Or fantasy horror. None of the cross-genre stuff. I've got a couple of historical horrors, which I appreciate. A handful of detective horrors, which are difficult to pull off in 500 words or less. No "Western" horror.

Sombody write me a vampire gunslinger story!

Most of the stories are set in modern American/European urban/suburban society. I'd like to see more rural stories. I'd like to see more exotic locales. Take us to Jamaica, to Africa, to China. To the moon. To Mars. To the outer rim.

Somebody write me a ghost of the tsunami story!

Take us to 1960, to 1860, to 1060. Take us to 2060 or 3060.

Somebody write me a hippy werewolf story!

That's what I'm hungry for.

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