Friday, November 11, 2011

Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen

So you're wondering what all this is about. Me, too.

It's about stories, maaaaaaan.

Postcard writing is a dying art. Being able to fit everything you need to say within a tiny space forces you to be creative as a correspondent.

Postcards from Hell are postcard-sized stories mailed once a week to your address. The stories are concise, brilliant glimpses of hell, like a door opened and then quickly shut.

Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen is our pilot program. The Old Man has ordered thirteen episodes to measure how the readers respond and whether we can generate enough subscriptions to support our missions work in Borneo and Papua New Guinea.

The first postcard will be mailed to subscribers on August 4, 2007. The last one on the Saturday before Halloween. If this works out, Postcards from Hell will morph into a self-reproducing monster, 52 weeks a year, while spawning other Postcards series, such as Postcards from Uranus (sci-fi) and Postcards from The Woody End (fantasy).

Postcards come in two varieties - Postcards and E-cards. A subscription to Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen costs $6.66. That's a little over 51-cents per story. But if you're such a cheap bastard that you can't cough up this unholy number, you can always subscribe to E-cards from Hell: The First Thirteen for $3.33. That's a little over two-bits each.

So how do you opt-in to Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen? Check out the Subscribe links to the left to order by Paypal.

Or you can mail a check or money order to:

Postcards from Hell
7746 Newfound Gap Rd
Memphis, TN 38125

Be sure to include your address and/or email address, otherwise I'll just have to take your money and not send you anything.

And remember, the first card goes out August 4, 2007. So send in your order soon, and be sure to buy gift subscriptions for all your weird friends and relatives. And since the profanity is bleeped out, pornography forbidden, and violence and gore held to a reasonable level, it's a great gift for grandkids!

As Alice Cooper sang:
Having a hell of a time my dear
wish you were here.

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