Saturday, December 11, 2010

Number Nine? Turn Me on Dead Man.

Lemures and Gentlegorgons, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to John Platt and his delightful little story "Fitness is it's Own Reward." As Garfield the Cat once said, a "diet" is "die" with a "T".

From his undisclosed location off the rocky coast of New England, John R. Platt works his magic as a publicist, fantasist, humorist, activist, cartoonist and photographerist. He is the founder of Extinction Blog, the world's first newswire devoted to endangered species, and an award-winning marketing writer. John's stories have appeared in anthologies such as Borderlands 5, From the Borderlands (same anthology, different name), The Best of Borderlands (different anthology, same story), Crafty Cat Crimes, 100 Menacing Little Murder Stories, Bell Book & Beyond, and IDW's Tales ofTerror. You can find him online at

That makes nine stories to go.

Speaking of the Number Nine and a certain turned-on dead man, he just wants to say that that one-legged harpy is the perfect punishment for a dirty doublecrossing doppleganger.

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