Sunday, December 12, 2010

Postcard Story Format Catching On?

Actually, these guys may have beat us by a few months.

Tin Parachute Postcard Review has a similar format as Postcards from Hell - flash fiction under 500 words on a 4x6 postcard mailed to your door. I suspect they're looking for literary fiction to go with their handsome artwork and design. Also, they have prestigious degrees to go on their masthead.

The only degrees we have around here are about 2,000 in the Lake of Fire.

A six issue subscription of Tin Parachute Postcards will run you $20. Their production costs are higher, I suspect. Like any good capitalist venture, our employees are literally chained to their iron desks and have no choice but to serve the Dark Master. Such are the advantages of relocating your business to a Free Trade zone, as we did, not long after NAFTA was passed. If only we could get migrant workers to deliver the postcards, we'd be talking about some real money, but please, don't get the boss going on this subject.

We're down to our last three postcards in the First Thirteen series, but it's never too late to repent and place your order. For just $6.66, you'll get all 14 stories in our 13-story series, which as you can now see, is quite a bargain.

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