Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello, Jerry

If you haven't heard, the Postal Service is raising the cost of postage next month - I believe the date is May 14.
Which means the postage costs for Postcards from Hell is going up.

When I set the subscription rate for Postcards from Hell, I did so based on postage being 24-cents for domestic postcards. The rate is going up 2-cents. That doesn't sound like much, but that translates to $3.38 in postage for each subscription. Subtract the Paypal fee for subscribing, and you see that there's not much left over to pay the authors.

Which means that we need more subscriptions that I originally calculated just to make this venture pay for itself. We're not there yet. We've got a ways to go. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so. I'm not going to raise the rate to cover the increased cost of postage. Even in hell, we have some honor.

So allow me to repeat myself a bit. A subscription to Postcards from Hell only costs $6.66, and for that you're going to get 13 of the best horror stories published anywhere by anybody. My goal is for The First 13 to pay for itself, but what I'd really like is to get enough subscriptions to help pay for future series of Postcards from Hell, as well as series for science fiction and fantasy.

I can't make that happen without you. If you think these postcard tales are a unique idea worthy of support, please subscribe. If you have already subscribed, encourage others to join. If there is a horror fan in your life, buy them a gift subscription. Isn't there someone in your life that you'd like to totally creep out for a mere $6.66?

Don't let Newman win!

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