Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lugosi Rock

"Lugosi Rock"
by Scott Virtes

Lugosi tumbled outside the window, just another silent rock in a disappointing universe. The ore-ship Ramona struck a low, irregular orbit and Malone looked down hungrily.

"You're telling me this rock is haunted?" asked Chief Malone. All alone, he could call himself whatever he liked.

The computer repeated the tale of poor Harry Lingard, who manned the pirate radio station here. Harry, who went mad, and went through the airlock with no boots on, years ago.

Malone pounded the console. Ramona was having a breakdown and had melted his stash of food; now, clutching his stomach, he looked at pockmarked Lugosi. The tiny asteroid had the nearest cold war bunker, the nearest stockpile of free food. He had no time for pointless stories.

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