Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Just mostly dead. But we're rousing up from our musty tombs and polishing our black staffs of horrid wilting for a night of unimaginable terror and fearsome magic and maybe even a laser blast or two.

(Of course, we won't be infringing anyone's copyright because there's one creature even mightier than the Gods of Lankhmar, and that is the voracious plague of rat otherwise known as the copyright lawyer.)

Which is to say, we'll soon be opening the doors of hell to admit new supplicants seeking recognition from the Dark Master. There'll be changes, of course, because hell is, if nothing else, full of fools who couldn't leave well enough alone.

The First Change you may have already noticed. We have a new name - Postcards From... Other changes include new guidelines, new payment arrangements for our authors, plus something special that we think you'll like. And there'll be an anthology available, of stories first published in Postcards from Hell: The First Thirteen. The cost - $6.66 of course.

We'll announce them all soon enough, my pretties.

So check back soon.

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