Thursday, November 11, 2010


A clap of thunder and a blast of sulfurous lightning greet the arrival of two more stories to our hellish domain - a pair of zombie stories to satisfy those late-night cravings for a glass of warm milky eyes:

Gord Sellar's ER drama "Dyscrasia" and David Snyder's devilish "Zombies Versus Dinosaurs."

Gord Sellar is a Canadian graduate of Clarion West who was born in Malawi and has lived in South Korea since 2002. (He still plans to finish his circumhabitation of the globe someday, but no time soon.) He is a columnist for the Canadian women's magazine Cahoots, and he has stories forthcoming in Fantasy magazine and Nature's "Futures" fiction column. He currently lives in Bucheon, South Korea with his fiancee, upon whose misadventures as a medical intern this story was loosely based, and is currently working on a novel about Northeast-Asian superheroes. You can find him online at

David J. Snyder's genre fiction has appeared in the Philadelphia City Paper and the anthology Path of the Bold. His so-called literary fiction has been published in journals such as Fiction and Potomac Review, and his short plays have been performed by the Cardboard Box Collaborative and Delaware's City Theater Company. David lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife Melissa, who had the dream which inspired this story.

The art order for "Zombies Versus Dinosaurs" needs no ellaboration. Just go with it.
For "Dyscrasia" I'd like to see something to do with an Emergency Room, emergency treatment, medical devices, a flatlined heart monitor, or something like that. Click here for the full list of our art needs.

I'm still agonizing over the last two stories. I have three, one of which I must regretfull consign to the Lake of Fire.

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