Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vol.2 - Postcards from the Woody End

This is it, our first true issue of Postcards, appropriately titled Volume 2.

In addition to the new look, we've gone to a regular publication schedule. We'll publish a new volume every other month, for six total issues per year. The stories will dictate the content of each issue; some will be dedicate to a single genre, others will be a mix of genres.

In this first issue, we happen to have four tales of fantasy, and an eclectic mix it is - everything from not-so-traditional traditional fantasy, to modern fantasy, to futuristic horror fantasy, to Kafka-esque surrealism. Enjoy!

Breaking Fast with Hildebrand by Gwendolyn Clare
Blind Spot by Nadia Bulkin
For Rent by Jennifer Greylyn
Two Drawers Down from the Butcher Block by D. Thomas Minton

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