Friday, November 12, 2010


this is the end, beautiful friend

of our elastic band, the end

you'll never understand, the end

I'm fondling my gland,


Ignore that last bit, it's not part of the original song. I keep telling Jim to shut up, he's dead, but he just can't leave things alone.

So this is it. With this last batch of stories, I'm closing the doors. Ha! Get it? Closing the doors.

Anyway, the boss has finally given me permission to pursue my dream of opening a high-end women's boutique for high-end women. I'll leave the stories up for a year or so, in case anybody wants to nominate one for a Nebula or Hugo or something like that.

And so at this, the very end of all things, we bring you four stories about the circle of life, death and torment. An el grande taco tour of several hells, ending with glimpse of hope for the future.

Working for the Man by Daria Patrie
North by Ward Crockett
The Journey by Tirumal Mundargi
A New Heaven and a New Earth by Carrie Laben

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