Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mieluinen jotta Helvetti

Let's all give a warm welcome to Hannu Rajaniemi and his story, "Satan's Typist" - the latest story added to the menu of The First 13.

Hannu Rajaniemi is originally from Finland, but went to Scotland to get away from polar bears and Nokia recruiters. He has a PhD in string theory, but now claims to be a technology entrepreneur. His fiction has been featured in, the Finnish magazines Usva and Portti, Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction edited by Andrew J. Wilson and Neil Williamson, Year's Best SF 11 and The Best New SF 23. He is currently working on a novel. Hannu is also an active member of Writers' Bloc, an Edinburgh-based spoken word group.

If I screwed up the greeting in the title to this post, blame the online translation software from hell.

Curiously, Andrew Ferguson ("The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari") is also a member of Writer's Bloc. There must be something in the water in Edinburgh other than coal dust.

It's a small hell after all.
It's a small hell after all.
It's a small hell after all.
It's a small small hell.

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